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Pepinière Dominique Savio is a WHOLESALER specializing in the production of deciduous and fruit trees. 

We deliver throughout Quebec and Eastern Canada. Our quality trees are available at most garden centers.


Established over 75 years ago, Pépinière Dominique Savio produces 100,000 trees a year to meet the needs of landscapers and green space managers.

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Our mission

We are dedicated to helping our customers' communities become greener through our ethically produced, high-quality trees.

Our vision: We envision becoming Eastern Canada's leading producer of potted deciduous trees, both fruit and ornamental.


"I wanted to express my deep satisfaction with the products and services offered by Pépinière Dominique Savio. As a loyal customer, I am continually impressed by the competence and professionalism of your team. I had the privilege of visiting as part of the Open House and was able to see the quality and great diversity of your trees. The quality trees you offer are a testament to your commitment to excellence."

Evodie Levert – Levert Paysage Botanix – Mont Blanc

"Quality and impeccable service. Our supplier for over 40 years!"

Stéphanie Moraldo – Pépinière Moraldo – St-Augustin

"Soverdi has been working with the Pépinière Dominique Savio for over 10 years. The team is always available to meet our needs and help us develop our mission. We find quality plants, as well as a wide variety of formats and species, to suit the different conditions of our projects. They listen to their customers' needs and improve their service every year. We are delighted to have them as one of our suppliers."

Edith Lachapelle – Soverdi – Montréal

"We're proud to have had Pépinière Dominique Savio as a tree supplier for our garden center for 8 years now. The dynamic team and the quality of the trees are always top-notch, and the prices are very competitive."

Chantal Boucher – Serres Bourgeons – La Pêche

"Pépinière Dominic Savio has been our supplier for several years now. Their impeccable service, exceptional plant quality and vast selection are attributes we look for. This enables us to offer our customers top-quality plants. Season after season, they contribute to our success! It's a pleasure to work with them!"

Stéphane Latour – Plante et Décor Latour – Salaberry de Valleyfield

"Customer service is really excellent.The plants are of good quality.The company's professionalism is impressive."

Annie Samson – Ville de Contrecoeur – Contrecoeur

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Our products are sold exclusively to garden centers
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Over half a century of expertise in tree propagation and cultivation

We are a dedicated, proud and diligent team, capable of controlling the entire process, from planting and grafting to harvesting and delivery. For us, innovation is at the very core of our business, to ensure the best possible response to our customers' needs, whether in our cultivation practices or in our constant search for innovation.


Our overwintering process for trees ready to face winter with peace of mind

We protect over 30,000 potted trees during winter by following a careful overwintering process. 

To prevent tree roots from freezing and dying, we group trees into islands for water ingress and cover them with a waterproof tarpaulin, anchored in a non-woven insulating geotextile that we secure to the ground. This method protects our trees against frost, temperature variations and rodents that may be attracted by the sap circulating at the end of winter.

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A perfect score of 0 bacterial blight contamination throughout the seasons in our net greenhouses

Our exclusion-net greenhouses help prevent the risks associated with pollination and diseases caused by various insects, while greatly reducing the need for pesticides. 

Thanks to this protection, trees can better pursue growth rather than fruit production, as insect pollination of flowers is considerably reduced. Furthermore, the netting acts as an effective barrier to the impact of intense sunlight and heavy rain, creating an environment conducive to optimum tree growth.

3 tree growing systems

We grow trees in three distinct operating modes


Field crops and root crops

Pépinière Dominique Savio propagates thousands of plants using various grafting techniques. Cultivated over a three-year period, they are then dug up in the fall to be sold bare-root in nurseries and garden centers.

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Container culture for better recovery

These trees provide a number of key advantages and benefits, including an inventory accessible anytime from April to November, ease of handling and a more effective rooting system avoiding the stress associated with transplanting. Moreover, we've incorporated a slow-release fertilizer into the potting soil to ensure better recovery and season-long fertilization.


Wire basket culture for larger trees

Pépinière Dominique Savio offers a wide range of Wire basket trees. 
Planted using part of the original soil, this promotes greater recovery, while preserving a familiar environment. The wire basket allows you to obtain a tree with an advanced maturity of up to 3 meters and even more.

The Marieville land on which we grow our trees has been in use since the 1920s. A man by the name of Mr. Boulais owned virtually all the surrounding land, which he used for cattle farming, field crops, orchards and other purposes. In the 1960s, he sold his farm to the Congregation of St. Vincent de Paul Brethren. 

The farm served as a venue for underprivileged teenagers and young adults, who could work in exchange for food and lodging. In their old age, the brothers sold the farm to Mr. Richard Bourbeau, who had been working the land as a nursery since 1983. 

In the 1980s, Pépinière Dominique Savio was the largest producer of apple trees in Quebec, mainly for the province's apple growers. Over the years, the nursery diversified, adding ornamental trees in many forms, not just bare rooted.

Today, we are one of the largest tree growers in the province. Whether fruit or ornamental, you can buy trees in bare root, in pots or in spindle baskets. We even offer delivery service, from Eastern Ontario
Ontario to the Maritimes. When you buy from Savio, you're buying quality trees grown with passion and with respect for the environment.

. RESPECT: We can't force you to like yourself, but we can force you to respect yourself. Respect is the basis of a good working environment, and that includes respect for yourself, for materials, for others and for instructions. Respect is essential to good cooperation, and its absence will not be tolerated.
. OPENNESS: Our ways of doing, acting and thinking are constantly evolving, so it's important to be ready to accept change. We are open to constructive feedback to improve and develop ourselves. Thanks to openness, we are more receptive to our team-mates and improve our interactions with them, which in turn enhances teamwork.
. TEAM: No one, in any position, is more important than the team. Decisions must be taken with the team's interests in mind. Alone you go fast, together you go far.
. QUALITY: The good reputation of the nursery depends on the quality of the plants we produce. When we're faced with a dilemma, we're more likely to consider the solution that offers the best quality. Quality is not just about plants, but also about interpersonal relations, machine maintenance and the work we do.

Born in 1842 in Piemonte, Italy, Dominique devoted his entire life to the work of God.

As a schoolboy, then as a boarder in 1854 in Turin, in the house founded by Jean Bosco, he proved to be a studious pupil and a cheerful fellow student. A devout Christian, he testified that Christ had taken his heart and that he should spread the good news. This boy had an extraordinary influence on his classmates and entourage, which extends to present day. Dominic Savio died of tuberculosis in 1857, and was declared a saint in 1954 by Pope Pius IX.
Many institutions around the world have adopted Dominic Savio as their Patron Saint. Closer to home, the congregation of the Fathers of St. Vincent de Paul, devoted to the education and support of youth, particularly underprivileged youth, acquired a farm in Marieville and named it after Dominic Savio.

Each year, the nursery launches three research and development projects with the aim of reducing our environmental footprint, reducing our use of insecticides and adopting more efficient growing techniques.

Our most promising initiatives in recent years include

Exclusion net greenhouse project: to prevent the risks associated with pollination and diseases caused by various insects, while eliminating the need for insecticides and herbicides. We plan to install four new greenhouses with insect netting, adding 24,000 square feet by spring 2025.


Clay powder project: to neutralize the odour of host trees and repel the potato leafhopper further away from the veins in the leaves.

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