Thousands of trees – grown here – by impassioned professionals.

Dominique Savio Nursery produces approximately 100,000 deciduous trees each season, consisting of numerous varieties of fruit and ornamental shade trees. We are one of the most important tree production farms in Québec. Our expertise in grafting, gained over a half century of production, allows us to grow varieties adapted to both the varied regional climatic conditions of Québec as well as the provinces we ship to.

For concrete results

For the Nursery, it is critically important that we invest in research and development in order to offer the very best products and to further advance the best horticultural practices and knowledge.

Dominique Savio Nursery collaborates with four other Canadian producers as well as the Québec Institute for Ornamental Horticultural Development (IQDHO) as a partner in ongoing research programs. We are involved in collaborative studies regarding the efficiency of slow release fertilizers; the utilization of insect traps in order to reduce the use of pesticides and insecticides and best propagation practices for our climate and growing conditions. All of this with a view to obtaining concrete, measurable results.

Field grown and sold bare root

Dominique Savio Nursery utilizes a variety of grafting techniques to produce thousands of trees. Field grown over a 3 year period, they are then uprooted in the fall harvest for sale as bare root trees to other nurseries and garden centers.

Container grown for a maximum viability

Our container grown trees are cultivated to yield a superior quality product. Container grown trees offer the benefit of inventory availability from April to November, ease of manipulation and more developed root systems which in turn minimizes transplant stress. We incorporate slow release fertilizers into the growing medium in order assure faster growth resumption and nutrient availability during the growing season.

Large calibre trees

The nursery also produces a wide variety of calibre trees (45mm diameter trunk or larger) in order to meet the needs of landscapers, landscape architects and the managers of large parks and green spaces.

Insect and disease resistance

True to our commitment to customer satisfaction, Dominique Savio Nursery applies its considerable production know-how to produce fruit tree varieties resistant to disease and destructive insects. The company has invested significant time and effort in the production and marketing of scab and blight resistant apple trees, currently available in close to a dozen varieties.